Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. Is free demo available?


 Yes, we provide free demonstration of buy sell signal software. it is imperative that you have basic understanding and full satisfaction before subscribing for the software. For   free demo you can click the link below or email us during the demonstration our support executive will be just a call away to guide you throughout   the market.

2. In which segment it works?

 It works in all the segment i.e equity cash, equity derivatives, commodity (MCX& NCDEX), FOREX. Respective data you need to arrange or can purchase from us.

3. On how many system it can be installed?

 It can be installed only on  One system, if you need the same id to be installed on multiple system additional cost will be charged.


4. WHAT is the mode of payment and is there monthly charges?

You can make payment through Net Banking, NEFT, PHONE PAY, UPI. It is absolutely one time and no hidden charges are invoved. Any future updating will be done as per plan.

5. Is Refund policy available?

Absolutely not. You can claim refund only if the software is not installed within 24 hours of making payment.


6. On which platforms the software function?

It works only on WINDOWS based platform like computer, laptop and tablets.

7. What happens if the laptop gets damaged?

Within 4 months from the date of installation we provide 2 free of cost reinstallation on the same system. After that 2000 rupees will be charged for installation. Before reinstallation our service team will confirm about the authentication of your claim.

8. How will you install system after payment?

Once the payment made by you is confirmed by our accounts team, you will get an email notification of your invoice and timing about the software installation. After getting the confirmation you have to download team viewer or any desk and update us the login credentials. Our technical team will take your system at remote access and install the software. It will take around 15-30 minutes depending on your internet speed.

9.Whether I can install the software in Two systems?

No, the software license provide only for one system with one ID, you cannot use the software in more than one system, if you need to use in two system in different times, like your home/office PC, if you want to use the intraday buy sell signal software simultaneously in two systems you have to purchase the second system license with offer price. Contact your concerned sales person to purchase second system license if you need.