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Budget 2021-22 : Market Experts Opinion

Updated: Mar 17

This year's budget [#Budget2021] is going to be very interesting. It's going to be a difficult balancing act.

1. Common man has lost his job in some cases, while others have not got the usual yearly increment. So FM can't tax the salaried. If FM raises tax, his expenditure will take a hit and economic growth will be sacrificed. 2. One view was introduce tax on agricultural income, above say Rs 10 Lakh, which is tax free now. But this will further agitate the farmers, who are anyway protesting. But this needs to be done. And only a strong Govt can introduce this. 3. Fiscal Deficit has already doubled to 7% of GDP. If expenditure is reduced, infrastructural development will take a hit. 4. The healthcare sector will continue to need more expenditure because of vaccination drive, which has just begun. It cannot be compromised. 5. FM can raise % spend on CSR, as most companies are showing better results; so they can afford more spending on Corporate Social Responsibility. 6. Tax on Cigarettes are also likely to be raised to show that Govt wishes better health for its citizens. 7. Auto sector is struggling. So FM can't raise tax on high end models. 8. Import duty on many products have already been raised to promote local manufacture. Not much scope available here. 9. Exports need to rise. But incentives can't be offered. As outgo needs to be conserved. 10. Politicians have been getting lot of freebies. These can certainly be curtailed. Perhaps this is the only thing India has not done since past 100 years, which she said she would do in this budget. Try or book a free demo now "Best Buy Sell Signal Software"

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