Stock Trading Tips & Tricks For Equity, Commodity & Forex Market

Identify your personality type


Every individual is different from the next depending upon age, sex, life stage, business type, income mode, liability size etc. WE need to keep all these traits in mind before taking our invest decision.

Selection of Suitable broker


Getting a d-mat account is the first step in your investment process, so it becomes imperative to select a good one. Low brokerage is one of the factor but not the all important factor, you need to look into other points like trading platforms, offline support, AMC, margin capacity etc before goig for one.

Trade in equal Quantity


Volume of trade in equal volume helps in managing the risk – reward ratio and provide a definite pattern to your trade resulting into long term survival and capital appreciation.

Use Stop loss and Partial Profit booking


 It is always good to keep on booking partial profit and trail your stop loss above cost price. This helps to eliminate the chance of getting a profitable position into loss making one. Use of stop loss eradicates the chance to heavy capital loss and demotivation.

Risk- Reward Ratio


Before starting to trade predefine your risk appetite and return expectation. Never hesitate in booking loss and don’t get greedy for more profit once your profit expectation is fulfilled.

Avoid emotional decision making 


Never let your emotions and gut feeling control your trades and decision making, avoiding trades without proper indication and information is must for your financial prosperity. It is reasonable that a sudden spike or decline in price graph will make your heart skip a beat but controlling that moment is the key to success.

Keep learning and getting educated


Last but not the least is your awareness and knowledge accumulation. There is no alternative to learning and sparing enough time to study market will help you to understand and place funds in time of radical changes in the market. for beginner or experts we recommended to use buy sell signal software